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Arnica Montana, also known as the Mountain daisy, is a perennial plant from the daisy family commonly found in the northwestern United States and in central Europe. Arnica is a homeopathic medication that can used to treat surgical or accidental trauma. It is used to reduce swelling and bruising after procedures or injuries. It is also used as a topical pain reliever for bruises, sprains, and muscle aches.

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  • Arnica Kit

    Available as 3 tubes of pellets.


    Dissolve 5 pellets under your tongue 3 times per day. Start taking Arnica pellets two days prior to your procedure. Continue taking Arnica pellets daily after your procedure until the symptoms of bruising and swelling disappear. As the swelling or bruising goes down, you can reduce the dosing to once daily.

  • Arnicare Gel & Cream

    The Arnicare Gel & Cream formula is made from four naturally-sourced medicinal ingredients, including Arnica montana, to effectively relieve pain and reduce bruising and swelling.

    • Arnica montana: helps for injuries, reduces swelling, bruises, muscle aches.
    • Bryonia: treats swelling and inflammation due to injuries, painful joints and ligaments, stiffness.
    • Calendula officinalis: treats muscular trauma.
    • Ledum palustre: treats trauma, bruises.

    Arnicare Cream is often used after facial procedures or after injections Arnicare Gel – can be applied anywhere after any procedure or used on any joint or muscle. Apply a thin layer on the affected area as soon as possible Massage gently until complete penetration. Repeat up to 3 times per day or as recommended by your health care provider. Avoid contact with open wounds.

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