Envy – Anti Aging/Wellness Pillow

What is an Envy Pillow and why do I need it?

Sleep is both therapeutic and restorative. Much of the body’s healing and rejuvenation takes place while we are at rest. A good restful restorative sleep has been associated with reduction in stress, improved blood sugar and blood pressure control, improved energy, improved moods, improvement of cognitive functioning in the daytime, and resilience in all other areas of our life. Athletes are acutely aware of the importance of sleep in performing at our peak.

The Envy Pillow can help improve sleep wellness, spinal health, and provide anti-aging effects.

Sleep Wellness

The Envy Pillow is designed using high quality Canadian-made LUXFEEL™ Memory Foam. This new type of memory foam has the benefits of being anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and free of toxic substances such as PBDE (or any other fire retardant), formaldehyde, CFCs, toluene di-isocyate, and dyes. This memory foam stays soft and supportive, regardless of changes in temperatures (e.g., freezing). So you can leave this pillow at the cottage over the winter and still return to a comfortable pillow in the spring after everything thaws out.

The memory foam is molded to provide proper alignment and weight distribution for both the head and neck, encouraging less tossing and turning and a peaceful sleep which is vital for cellular and psychological health.


Our “beauty sleep” may be aging us! Although sleep is essential to keeping skin looking youthful, the position in which we sleep can actually have a negative impact on the skin’s appearance. Pushing delicate facial tissue into a pillow for hours every night will, in time, press unwanted “sleep lines” into our face. As we age, these wrinkles become increasingly permanent and are often mistaken with those of naturally aging skin.

If you tend to sleep on your side, you may start to develop facial creases (sleep lines) and asymmetry of the natural facial lines. The only remedy to this is to change your sleep position and to properly support your face to prevent these lines from occurring.

The EnVy pillow was designed to ergonomically support the head and neck and to minimize the face-to-pillow contact. The pillow comes with a luxurious soft bamboo pillowcase that is gentle on delicate facial tissue and offers triple the breathability and wicking properties of cotton.

EnVy pillow is ideal for recovery from post-cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, photofacials, laser resurfacing, dental/orthodontic work , or TMJ issues.

Spinal Health

The most overlooked cause of headaches and neck pain is the misalignment of the neck vertebrae. Increased amounts of time hunched over our computers, desks, and smart phones can result in poor posture, spinal and joint imbalances, which in turn leads to chronic neck, back, shoulder, arm, and hand pain.

The human body was never designed to accommodate an unnatural forward head posture or what is referred to as “tech neck”. This position increase our normal head weight from 8-12 lbs to a whopping 35lbs of pressure on the spine. In addition, it creases abnormal strain on our upper spinal cord, muscles, and soft tissue, leading to increased tension on both our central and peripheral nervous systems.

The LUXFEL enVy pillow is a chiropractor-endorsed, patented ergonomic design that helps to improve these spinal imbalances by maintaining correct neck and spinal alignment. Whether you sleep on your back or side, enVy promotes the ideal therapeutic position necessary for reducing muscle pain and headaches, and facilitates proper airway positioning in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Get a pain and wrinkle free sleep from Laser Away with the enVy pillow!

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