Photofacial for Sun Spots & Melasma

If you are looking for the best treatment to fade brown spots from sundamage or melasma on the face, then broad band light (BBL) or the photofacial as it is also known as, is your answer.

A photofacial uses a red light energy that is filtered to allow only a narrow spectrum of energy to shine on the face. It is applied section by section until the entire face or treatment area is covered. It can also be used for spot treatments only. The energy is absorbed by the brown colour of the pigment that is causing the brownness and this damages the pigment, leading them to flake off or fade in colour.

A photofacial uses no ultraviolet light and does not cause any long term damage to the skin. It is safe enough to use regularly every year after year.

For treatment of brown spots from sun damage or melasma, we recommend a package of three treatments, each given 1 month apart. Each treatment will gradually reduce the brown colour more and more.

Please remember that for sun damage, the body is trying to protect a damaged area of the skin. Even after the pigment is reduced, your body will produce more pigment in the area if you are exposed to sun again or frequently. This means your brown spots may return if you are in the sun frequently. Use sunblock!

Also, it is important to understand that melasma may respond excellent to our treatment regimen, but sometimes the pigment problem is deep in the skin and requires a more aggressive treatment. Melasma will recur with repeated sun exposure as well. Wear sunblock and sun protection.

The good thing is that photofacials are so safe (when done by well trained professionals), you can use them again and again if required.

The photofacial (BBL) has other benefits as well. It can often help to rid you of general redness on the skin, reduce acne flares, and help tighten fine line wrinkles.

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