Anti Aging Lasers

Sun exposure, hormonal changes, aging, and health conditions can all have an impact on your skin's appearance. Over time, your skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid and collagen, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of fullness and elasticity.

Anti-aging treatments are varied. Certainly we agree that a well-balanced diet, good hydration, and regular physical fitness are key features of good skin health. But how can we improve the overall look and feel of our skin, perhaps rejuvenating it to a more youthful glow?

Aesthetic medicine is not about making people look pretty or beautiful, it is about helping people to enhance or restore their own natural beauty. At Laser Away, it is where beauty meets science.

Laser and light therapy can play an important role in rejuvenating your skin. Some of the ways this can help are outlined below.

For sunspots, aging spots, or pigmented blemishes. We would recommend the Photofacial which is also known as photorejuvenation, broad band light (BBL), or intense pulsed light (IPL). The photofacial uses a filtered intense pulsed light that penetrates into the skin and selectively damages the pigmented spots. The damaged pigment cells are then shed from the skin surface over the next 7-10 days. When the pigment is deeper, we may suggest a combined treatment of photofacial with a Pixel laser. The Pixel laser is an Erbium laser that causes a fine grid of heat energy punctures into the skin surface. This laser can be used to damage deeper pigment and help the spots to lighten.

For loose skin, fine line wrinkles, lip lines, and deeper wrinkles about the face, neck or chest. We would recommend the Pixel laser. The Pixel Erbium laser is effective at resurfacing the top layer of the skin and also to rejuvenate the skin throughout to cause tightening and stimulation of our own natural collagen rebuilding. This results in a smoother skin, improved texture, and softening of wrinkles.

For scars from old acne, or other facial scars. We would recommend the Pixel Erbium laser. Pixel is able to break up scar tissue, stimulate collagen rebuilding, soften and smooth the surface scar, and help to tighten the area where the scar is. This can take multiple treatments but the results are worth it.

For tightening of the skin around the eyes. We would recommend the Pixel Erbium laser. Pixel can help to smooth the fine line wrinkles and tighten the skin around the eyes.

For red broken blood vessels, rosacea, or cherry spots on the face. We would recommend the Nd:YAG laser for laser vein removal. This is very effective at getting rid of the cherry spots and fine blood vessels that are unwanted. When the redness on the face is more generalized or due to rosacea, we may also recommend the photofacial. The photofacial has multiple settings and we can use a filter that allows the energy to reduce redness in the skin.

For dry crusted red spots that are diagnosed as actinic keratosis. We might recommend a photodynamic therapy treatment. Actinic keratosis is also known as AK. About 1% of AKs may develop into a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma every year. The good news is that an AK can be easily treated in the early stages and you can prevent it from changing into a skin cancer. There are several ways AKs can be treated including topical medications, freezing with liquid nitrogen, and photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT involves our team applying a medication called levulinic acid to the skin where the AKs are, letting it soak in for about 90-120 minutes, and then activating the medication with a blue light treatment. Success rates are high with PDT and downtime is minimal.

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