Common Ingredients in Topical Hair Solutions

Saw Palmetto. A naturally occurring herb which is easily absorbed into the skin. It is reported to have a significant effect in alleviating symptoms associated with hair loss and to further improve hair quality.

Vitamin B6. Commonly seen by the scientific community as having hair health benefits. These ingredients are known to aid in the restoration of hair health and improvement of blood circulation within the scalp.

Biotin. Can significantly strengthen and maintain hair longer. Sometimes referred to as Vitamin H, it is naturally produced by yeast, bacteria, fungi and algae, and is an essential vitamin for hair care.

Folic Acid. Can strengthen your hair shaft and aid in speed of your hair growth. Folic acid is in the DNA synthesis category, this is a catalyst to promote change and improve the current look of your hair for the better.

Stinging Nettles. Contains a highly concentrated amount of vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

Zinc. Linked with overall hair health and has been stated to offer protection against environmental elements that cause damage, such as air pollution.

Wheat Protein. Contains the four most basic proteins for hair strength and health: albumins, globulins, gliadins and glutenins.

Olive Leaf. A great moisturizing agent for the hair, it can aid in the dilation of arteries within the scalp to increase blood flow.

Green Tea Leaf. Contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins E and C, chromium, manganese, selenium or zinc, and certain phytochemical compounds.

Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, is well absorbed by scalp. Acts as a great anti-oxidant that protects against free-radical production.

Sodium DNA. The structural base of nucleic acids and cofactors (DNA metabolism). Sodium DNA is essential for DNA metabolism, upon which cellular repair and tissue regeneration processes are located.

Glutathione – GSH. Powerful antioxidant. Neutralizes free radicals that interfere with lipidic, proteic, enzimatic and DNA metabolism. Produced by plants, essential protection of cells’ mechanism.

Potassium CLA. Potassium CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a highly mobile transport regulator of nutrients to the follicular site. Component of the bio-membrane, function largely as a regulator of nutrient transport

Apple Stem Cell. An apple based stem cell extract proven to aid in dermal cell regeneration. Known through stem cell research, natural based stem cell extraction for the latest in healthy skin cell producing techiques.

Rooibos. Meaning “reb bush” in Afrikaans, contains a high amount of anti-oxidants to help guard the hair against free-radicals.

Zinc. Linked with overall hair health and has been stated to offer protection against environmental elements that cause damage, such as air pollution.

Selenium. Commonly found in some nuts and seafood. It is beneficial for the cell reproduction process, it repairs damaged tissues and facilitates tissue growth. These are all vital building blocks for healthy hair.

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