As family physicians with postgraduate training in dermatology, we have been managing acne in teens and adults for over 15 years. Acne management has changed many times in the last 15 years as new medications and medication combinations have been brought to the market. Fortunately, there have been many advanced in acne management to complement those treatments that we already know work. The Global Alliance on Acne Management has worked to create a universal approach to treatment.

Using the Global Alliance chart, your physician can determine the acne severity, type of acne, and then choose the most appropriate treatment for you. You will notice that combination treatments are recommended for best results. We have explained the treatments from the chart below. We have also suggested where Laser Away’s non-drug treatments can be used.

There are four main factors that are involved in acne:
  • Increased sebum production. Sebum is the oily substance produced by our pores.
  • Increased number of keratinocytes within the oil duct, which plugs the duct. This plugged oil duct is called a comedone.
  • Infection of the duct with P. acne bacteria.
  • Inflammation.

Most treatments for acne target one or more of these factors.
  • Treatments that reduce or improve comedones: benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, and topical retinoids.
  • Treatments that are anti-inflammatory: topical retinoids, benzyl peroxide, azelaic acid, topical antibiotics, and oral antibiotics.
  • Treatments that treat P. acne bacteria: topical retinoids, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics.
  • Isotretinoin (brand name Accutane™) is one of the most potent oral treatments that targets most of the factors that cause acne.

Topical Treatments for Acne:

Skin Tx Acne Treatment System

An easy start to topical skin care for acne is to start with our SkinTx Acne Treatment System. It is an easy to use 2-step program specially designed for the treatment of teen or adult acne. The combination of hexamidine, 2% salicylic acid and 5% benzoyl peroxide helps to reduce the frequency and severity of acne breakouts and helps to prevent blackheads and whiteheads.

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Vivier Oily or Acne Prone Skin System

For a more comprehensive acne management system, the Vivier Oily or Acne Prone Skin System uses medical grade skin products to help maintain healthy skin by helping to control oil production and reducing acne-causing bacteria.

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Zo Te Pads Acne Pore Management

The Zo Skin Health System for acne management can be used to prevent and treat oily skin and breakouts. Oeffects Exfoliating Cleanser is used daily to clean away oils and exfoliate dead skin. Daily use of the TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment is used to reduce sebum production and cleanse congested pores.

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SkinCeuticals Adult Acne System

SkinCeuticals Adult Acne System. This 3-step regimen helps reduce sebum and improve fine lines. Corrects damage resulting from blemishes and aging such as enlarged pores, rough texture, and fine lines. Includes Cleansing Gel, Exfoliating toner and Blemish + Age Defense.

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Our Services for Acne:

Blu-U Light therapy for mild-moderate acne

The Blu-U is a non-medicated acne treatment that works to reduce acne by 50-70%. Blu-U light therapy is best used in people with “inflammatory acne” which is the ace that causes blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. However, it does not work as well in people that have acne with nodules (small hard lumps under the skin).

Blu-U is a safe, quick, easy way to treat your acne. The treatment is basically sitting under a special light unit that bathes the face with a focused blue light. There is no ultraviolet light. There are no side effects. It is painless, simple, and drug-free.

At Laser Away, we currently treat people for 30 minutes, once per week, for 10 weeks. It is as affordable as a coffee per day. Treatment can be done as a stand-alone treatment or can be combined with your current acne regimen.

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Photofacial red light therapy for mild-moderate acne and to treat redness

As acne is healing, the skin can be red from the inflammation and the healing. A photofacial red light therapy can help in several ways. The energy helps to destroy the P. acne bacteria, reduce the overall redness, reduce oil glands, and may help tighten the skin somewhat.

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Photodynamic therapy for moderate to severe acne

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a specialized treatment using a topical medication called Levulan that is applied to the face for 1-2 hours, followed by Blu-U light treatment. PDT treatment has the ability to minimize pores and reduce oil glands, which helps to treat stubborn acne.

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Medical grade facial peels for acne

Peels can be used to improve the overall face complexion and appearance. We will often use microdermabrasion to gently debride the skin and remove oil/sebum that clogs the pores and then follow this with an enzyme peel. The peel can help to reduce overall acne, clear blackheads and whiteheads, reduce the skin oiliness and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

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Pixel laser resurfacing for acne scars

Once active acne has been settled down with treatment, then we can address some of the side effects from the acne. We commonly see redness and brown spots as acne heals. These can be improve using the photofacial (BBL) light treatment. However, scars that occur due to acne are more difficult to treat. At Laser Away we use the Pixel resurfacing laser to improve acne scarring.

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