Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is a safe and effective way of ridding your body of undesired blood vessels.

Small blood vessels that flow near the surface of your skin are often noticeable as tiny red or blue lines, a blush of pink or red on the skin surface, or as a spider like vein complex with a small dot of red or pink in the middle with “spokes” coming out from the centre. These blood vessel structures may be called telangiectasia or spider veins (also known as spider angiomata). These tiny blood vessels are fed from larger blood vessels that are deeper in the skin but not usually noticeable to the naked eye.

Laser vein removal works by destroying the tiny undesired veins and redirecting the blood flow back into the deeper veins where it belongs.

At Laser Away, we use a Sciton Profile™ Nd:YAG 1064 wavelength laser. The laser sends a brief pulse of concentrated light into the skin where it is absorbed by the pigment in blood and this in turn heats and destroys the blood vessel without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. Once the blood vessel is destroyed, the body reabsorbs the vessel and the blood flow is redirected back into the larger deeper blood vessels where it belongs.

During treatment, a clear cool glass plate may be placed over the skin where the laser work is done. This helps to protect the surface of the skin before, during, and after the laser destroys the undesired blood vessels.

The Sciton Profile™ laser can be used to destroy unwanted blood vessels anywhere on the body quickly, gently, and safely. Sensitive areas such as the nose and cheeks can be successfully treated with minimal discomfort.

In our experience laser vein removal is best done for small blood vessels on the trunk and face. It can also be used very easily to treat cherry spots anywhere on the body. Larger veins in the legs are better treated with sclerotherapy than laser vein removal for most people.

Laser vein removal can often be achieved with just a few treatment sessions. Sometimes only one laser treatment is required. Take advantage of proven technology of laser vein removal to rid yourself of unwanted blood vessels.

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